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A clear protective polish used to prepare your bare nails for nail strip application.

Forms a thin sticky coating to allow nail strips to better to your nail surface. Also protects bare nails from any irritation or damage from the nail strips.*

It means Less Adhesion and make removal Easier. Make the Nail Stickers Stick LESS to protect your natural nails.

If you have trouble removing the gel nail stickers or you only want few days on your nails, then it is the one for you.

*passed irritant and damage prevention testing

Q: Why should I use the Pro Nail Primer?

A: Your nails (and hair!) are made of a fibrous protein called keratin. Without sufficient nutrients and moisture, the keratin layers in your nails will weaken and lift up. And if a stimulus like nail strips are applied to weakened nails, these keratin layers may even fall out.

The Pro Nail Primer creates a protective coating that can prevent damage to keratin layers and weakened nails. Use it to help maintain the health of your nails.

Q: Can I use the Pro Nail Primer on weak toenails?

Yes - you can use the Pro Nail Primer on both your fingernails and toenails. If your toenails are weak, brush on the Primer to add a protective coating before nail strip application. This coating will also prevent irritation and damage when removing the nail strips.

Product Benefits

1. Protective - creates a thin, transparent coating over your bare nail to minimize damage from semi-cured gel nail strip application and removal.
2. Nourishing- formulated with 6 amino acids that strengthen the keratin bonds in your nails to keep them strong and healthy.
3. Moisturizing - unique 2-step water-lock system seals moisture into your nail bed.
4. Easy to Use - comes with a high-quality DuPont brush (manufactured in the USA) that allows for precise control and application.


ethanol, purified water, acrylate / octyl acrylamide copolymer, aminomethylpropanol, butylene glycol, glycerin, 1,2-hexanediol, ethylhexylglycerin, glycine, methionine, alanine, serine, glutamic acid, arginine, glyceryl glucoside, saccharide isomerate, citric acid, sodium citrate

How to use

Using the Pro Nail Primer

Step 1. Apply to Bare Nails
• Remove oils and moisture from nail using a prep pad.
• Brush a thin coat of primer onto your bare nails, leaving a gap of at least 2 mm from the cuticle.
• Let the primer air-dry for 1 - 2 minutes.
• Apply nail strip directly on top of primer, smooth and secure, then cure under a gel lamp.
※ Do not use a prep pad after applying the primer.

Step 2. Remove Strips and Primer 
 Remove the nail strip using a wooden manicure stick and the Easy Peel Remover. 
• Wipe remaining primer away using more remover. 


What is the difference between the Pro Nail Strengthener and the Pro Nail Primer?

The Pro Nail Strengthener is a protective polish that hardens and strengthens your nails. You use this product when you want to fortify your natural nails against problems like peeling or ridges. You can also use it to strengthen nails that have been weakened from things like decorative polish usage, colder weather, or repeated hand-washing.

The Pro Nail Primer, on the other hand, is used to prepare your nails for semi-cured gel nail strip application. Using this product will allow nail strips to better adhere to your nail. Because it is a sticky formula, the Pro Nail Primer should not be used alone on bare nails.

Why does my nail feel cool after applying the Pro Nail Primer?

The Pro Nail Primer contains quick-drying ingredients that speed up manicure and pedicure time. These ingredients may create a harmless cooling sensation. 

Why does the Pro Nail Primer feel sticky even after it has dried?

The Pro Nail Primer is intended to help increase the adhesive power of semi-cured gel strips on your nails, which gives it a sticky or tacky feel. Do not touch or wipe the Primer off - apply your nail strips immediately after the Primer has dried.

What is the residue left on my nail after removing my gel nail strips?

After removing your nail strip, some of the gel from strip’s base layer and nail primer may remain on your nail. This is totally normal, and can be easily wiped clean with your preferred nail polish remover.

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